Weekly Progress Report #2

Last week went pretty well. I was out for a few days, so it was a bit of a short week but we were able to get the .101b update out — mainly including performance fixes. The game should be substantially optimized over the previous version, though there are still plenty of optimizations to be made.

What’s left of this week I’ll be working primarily on the Fire Simulation. We’ll be doing our monthly update (tentatively) next Wednesday showing it off. I’d also like to release an update next week, though it might not include the Fire stuff just yet.

Other items for this week:

  • Release a temporary Linux version – this will not be a finalized Linux version, we just want to release a version for Linux users to start messing with, even though it will not be fully supported yet
  • Upgrade to Unity 5.1.1 – hopefully this will help with some of the Linux issues as it has more advanced OpenGL support. There’s several new features here that might be nice for us as long as there aren’t too many hiccups in transitioning over to the new version.
  • Add Report Bug button in game

Bugs and fixes we’re looking into this week:

  • BUG 7: Blockly not loading on some machines. Thanks to help on the forums, I have a few things to try here. Pre-loading some of this content will also hopefully be useful.
  • BUG 9: Selecting levels on the start screen can crash randomly. Not sure when or why this started occurring, and it seems fairly inconsistent, but I’m hoping it’s a simple fix.
  • BUG 10: Not all Water Orb blockly commands (Look at Player/Owner, etc.) seem to be working properly.

I also like to have extra things per week I’d like to get to when I need a break. These are outside of the main timeline of progress for the game. Most of these are helpful things with arguably pretty low priority but provide substantial accessibility to the game with fairly low time cost:

  • Fullscreen button for Blockly
  • Zoom in/out buttons for Blockly
  • Better spell wheel with key mapping. I’d like to redo most of the in-game UI at some point, but that is not a super high priority yet.
  • Debug logging – make it so spells can write out debug commands that can be displayed to the player

We have also been approved for releasing the game on Steam as Early Access, so we will most likely be doing that sometime soon.


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