Weekly Progress Update #3

This was a pretty productive week. More of it was spent working on optimization and cleaning up the released build than I expected, but overall I felt like things progressed pretty nicely.

Here’s our monthly update:

Last Week:

  • Start Fire Simulation — (STATUS: GOOD) I was able to get the fire spreading simulation to a pretty good first pass state as showed off in our monthly update last night
  • Release a temporary Linux version — (STATUS: COMPLETED) I was able to get the game running on 64-bit Linux. There is an issue with CoherentUI (what we use to render Blockly) not supporting 32-bit Linux. There are also a few bugs that have been reported, but generally it seems to be working pretty well.
  • Upgrade to Unity 5.1.1 — (STATUS: COMPLETED) This worked out great and fixed several issues
  • Add Report Bug button in game — (STATUS: COMPLETED) I would like to eventually make this even more intuitive in game, but functional for now


  • BUG 6/7: (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) Released a fix that should make it so Blockly does show up even on integrated cards, but Blockly can still be slow to load.
  • BUG 9: (STATUS: NEED REPRO) Selecting levels on the start screen can crash randomly. Not sure when or why this started occurring, and it seems fairly inconsistent, but I’m hoping it’s a simple fix.
  • BUG 10: (STATUS: FIXED/CLOSED) Not all Water Orb blockly commands (Look at Player/Owner, etc.) seem to be working properly.

This Week:

  • Release Early Access version — have the game up on the Steam store
  • Start Meditation Creation — get this to a “mod-like” state where files are present and can be used to making meditations without any need to work in editor. This is at a mostly completed state but there are still some hand wavy things to link up that can only be done inside of Unity
  • Get Fire Simulation to first pass “completed” state — add more powers to fire, link up water interaction, etc.


  • BUG 7: Blockly takes a long time to load — continue working on this. Update Coherent UI + preload Blockly assets

I was not able to get to any of the extra features for last week so they are mostly the same:

  • Fix camera clipping through terrain and underwater effect inconsistency
  • Fullscreen button for Blockly
  • Zoom in/out buttons for Blockly
  • Better spell wheel with key mapping. I’d like to redo most of the in-game UI at some point, but that is not a super high priority yet.
  • Debug logging – make it so spells can write out debug commands that can be displayed to the player


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