Weekly Progress Update #4

Sorry for the delay on this update. I’m going to start doing these every Friday morning to try to keep some consistency for anyone that’s following!

This past week did not go as well as I’d liked. I’ve been sick most of the week and am just now getting over it. I was able to start on Meditation Creation, but not get nearly as far as I’d like. I was not able to progress on Fire magic, so those are still the main things I’ll be working on this week.

We also decided to hold off on releasing on Early Access until we have Fire at a releasable first-pass state. This doesn’t affect the people that already have the game, but it is another internal thing we need to get out of the way. Everything is set up for that, we just need to get a build up that we feel confident putting up for a potentially broader audience.

Last Week + This Week:

  • Release Early Access version (STATUS: DELAYED) — This will probably happen around July 23. There’s no real pressure here apart from making the game more accessible to new users.
  • Continue Meditation Creation (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) — This was my main focus this week (on the days I was able to work). I’ve separated out all the parts and the structure for creating XML versions of game modes, I just need to finish parsing and hooking everything up on the back end. For now, this will be a tool for a small subset of people, but I think people will like the amount of power it gives, even if it’s not super user-friendly just yet! I want to have a rudimentary way of creating Meditations so that we can start creating content and eventually come back and create better tools for it as the game progresses.
  • Get Fire Simulation to first pass “completed” state (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) — I haven’t touched much of this since the update, so I’d like to get back to that and release something to people by the end of the week (July 17). I can’t make any promises about that date, but that’s what I’m shooting for.
  • Finalize design for first pass of Air Magic — I’d like to nail down the final details of Air Magic. If everything goes perfectly, I would ideally start implementing Air Magic this week, but realistically, it’ll probably have to wait until the week after.


  • BUG 12: Key release not registering on Linux — This is a Unity issue that has been patched. I’d like to get that fixed and released this week.
  • BUG 7 (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) — Blockly still takes a while to load. I’m investigating some possible solutions for pre-loading this. I haven’t heard any new issues with Blockly not displaying so I’m hoping that that has at least been fixed

Extra Features:

  • (STATUS: COMPLETED) Fix camera clipping through terrain and underwater effect inconsistency
  • Fullscreen button for Blockly
  • (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) Zoom in/out buttons for Blockly
  • Better spell wheel with key mapping. I’d like to redo most of the in-game UI at some point, but that is not a super high priority yet.
  • Debug logging – make it so spells can write out debug commands that can be displayed to the player

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