Weekly Progress Update #5

This week was much more productive than last week. We’ll be releasing an update tonight with some nice new features. Fire Magic will be released pretty much in the state that it was presented during the update, so there is still lots to finish up, but we figured we might as well get it out so people can start messing with what little there is. My hope is to get an update out early next week with new Fire features.

We also added a new cleaner interface as the previous one was driving me crazy.


Last Week

  • Continue Meditation Creation (STATUS: FINISHED) — This will be out later today. The process is not very intuitive, but it’s a good step towards making shareable game modes!
  • Get Fire Simulation to first pass “completed” state (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) — I’ll be getting back to this early next week. There’s a few more things I want to add to fancy this up.
  • Finalize design for first pass of Air Magic (STATUS: IN PROGRESS) — I’m feeling really good about this. I should be able to get most aspects of this started next week.


  • BUG 12: (STATUS: NEED TO TEST) — Updated to latest version of Unity where this is hopefully fixed.
  • BUG 7: (STATUS: FIXED) — Blockly preloads and is much more seamless with the UI. Hopefully this will fix issues some people were having
  • BUG 11: (STATUS: FIXED) — Floating rocks in Sandbox missing colliders

Extra Features:

  • Rebuilt UI interface for Blockly
  • Fullscreen button for Blockly (STATUS: COMPLETED)
  •  Zoom in/out buttons for Blockly (STATUS: COMPLETED)
  • Made debug `/~ data slightly more useful + includes world position of player

This Week

  • Get Fire Simulation to first pass “completed” state (STATUS: IN PROGRESS)
  • Start Air Magic
  • Start design clean up passes to iterate on all types of Magic, foliage, weather systems, etc. — Now that we have most big systems in the game, we can finally start bringing everything together and making it cleaner.


  • BUG 16: Fix cursor being off. This is a new Unity issue. I’m looking into it now.

Extra Features:

  • Rewrite player controller
  • Add controller support for playing with console controller
  • Create better spell wheel with mapping
  • Set allowable Blockly blocks in meditation XML
  • Debug logging – make it so spells can write out debug commands that can be displayed to the player

2 responses

  1. Tyler Febonio

    awesome keep up the good work! what language are you learning while you play this game? will other langauges be supported later on? i would like to expand on my java programming skills by playing this game.

    July 22, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    • a_lopezmobilia

      Thanks! The primary language being taught now is called Blockly. It’s a visual language very similar to JavaScript.

      July 22, 2015 at 6:34 pm

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